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Using a network of funding sources developed during our more than 30 years in the construction and real estate investment arena, we can help you find and structure the right financial package. Our resources range from Wall Street to out-of-state markets, including private and foreign investors, to the largest SBA lender, etc.

We are not a mortgage broker and/or mortgage banker. We represent our clients as their consultant, seeking the proper financing to satisfy their needs.

Some of the various services we perform are:

  • New financing

    • Debt Financing
    • Equity Financing

  • Consolidation of debt, and refinancing of existing mortgages

  • Equity and equity participants

  • Venture capital

  • Short term financing and permanent financing

  • SBA lenders, and other Federal funding opportunities

  • Multi-source funding

  • Strong financial packaging of your project to elicit fast, positive response from lenders

  • Angel investors
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