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Note: This link is a listing of individuals, investors, companies, developers, etc. looking for property/land that is either vacant and/or improved land to buy, invest in, develop, and/or lease, etc. for a desired end use. We created this link for property owners who might be looking to sell, lease or develop their own property. With this link, they now have an opportunity to review various parties interested in their property, and make the appropriate inquiries to this office.


  • Investor(s)/Group looking for either an existing mini-storage facility that is developed and currently running as an income-producing property, and/or vacant land that already has site plan approval and needs to be developed. Minimum gross area of storage space within all buildings needs to be at least 10,000 S.F. Investor(s)/Group have many other mini-storage facilities, and want to increase their holdings. This is an excellent opportunity for developers, owners of property/facilities as stated above, and others who want to sell, joint venture, or be an equity partner, etc. (#IOL101)

  • Investor(s)/Group looking for either an existing trailer park that is currently running as an income-producing property, and/or vacant land that already has site plan approval and needs to be developed. Their interest is in acquiring income-producing property throwing off a reasonable return on invested dollars. Owners of this type of property/product who are interested in selling, please respond. Investor(s) are serious, with specific needs. (#IOL102)

  • Investor(s)/Group looking for a Winery and/or Vineyard that is in operation and currently doing business. The investors are also willing to look at a Winery operation without a Vineyard, or land/property zoned for either a Winery and/or Vineyard to purchase and develop. The Investor(s) might be willing to keep on the existing/current business as absentee investors. They are very interested and motivated to secure a project of this nature. (#IOL103)

  • Investor(s) looking for a shovel ready site/property, with site plan approval, for a senior citizens housing project that has municipal water and sewer facilities to the site. They are major investors/developers that have the funds to proceed forward and develop a project of this nature. Interested property owners, please respond. (#IOL104)

  • Investor(s) looking for a multi-family housing project that is either existing and in need of restoration and/or rehabilitation work, or shovel ready land, with municipal water and sewer to the property, that already has site plan approval for the end use contemplated. Investor(s) will go out of New York State for the right opportunity. Creative packages are available to interested property/project owners. (#IOL105)

  • Investor(s) looking for an affordable housing type project, an existing project that is distressed needing a capital infusion of cash for restoration/rehabilitation of structure, or shovel ready land/site, zoned for an affordable housing project with the community and politics in favor of the project to be developed. Interested owners, please respond. (#IOL106)

  • Well established General Contracting/Construction Management Firm, Real Estate Firm and Development Firm looking for investor(s)/group interested in formulating a Development Partnership to acquire and/or develop income-producing properties (for sale, lease or rent). Interested parties, please respond. All inquires shall be received with the highest degree of confidentiality. (#IOL107)


  • Investor(s)/group looking for a minimum of 15-20 acres of land, with municipal water and sewer, to develop a 140 (+/-) Unit Senior Housing Project. They would prefer market rate housing but would be willing to do affordable housing project. They are interested in the Ulster, Orange, and Dutchess County areas. (#IOL108)


  • Investor(s)/group looking for land/property to be developed into retail, warehouse, commercial and residential (mid-upper income level) end use development type projects. They are willing to go through the Site Plan Review Process, but would prefer a shovel ready site. They are interested in the Hudson Valley Area, as well as the Philadelphia, PA area. (#IOL109)

**”Disclaimer: All information provided herein is deemed reliable but not guaranteed, and should be independently verified.”

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